Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 5


– How to Get Your First Job – 
(oDesk Tutorial Series)


For today’s lesson we will be reading a very
helpful article on “How to Win Your First Odesk Job”, written by a successful
Filipina Odesk freelancer named Stephanie Gonzaga:
You can read Stephanie’s article HERE
and view her oDesk profile

One of the many things I love about Odesk is that they provide a lot of readily
available information, advices, tips, guides, blogposts, etc. about every aspect of oDesk. It’s all available at oDesk Help Center (their knowledgebase), find it >>

That’s our short instruction for the day and now for your assignment:

After you have pass the Odesk Readiness Test and when your profile is complete,
browse and bid for jobs.  Remember to bid only on clients with payment
verified records (especially if you’re bidding on a per project jobs).
Only per hour job payments are guaranteed by odesk via their Escrow system. 
How to spot clients with payment verified records?
Also, when you place your mouse/cursor over the encircled part as shown above, a few information about that client will appear such as…

  • The amount of money the client already paid to oDesk
  • Total no. of client’s job postings;
  • Total number of hires;
  • Date when the client registered with oDesk; and 
  • The client’s location.