Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 3



If you have no experience in online work before but you know that you have the basic skills to make it as a Virtual Assistant, then setting-up your own VA blog is a must.

Your blog will be your online proof, reference, portfolio, resume, and profile – that your potential employers can readily visit online. Your VA Blog should reflect your skills – your English ability, your internet competence, your blogging know-how, and your other talents that you feel can help your future employers with their businesses.

Contents of Your Blog

1. Profile – Something about yourself – just a short info about you. (ex. engineering course graduate, formerly a call center agent, work at home mom or dad, worked for a marketing firm for 5 years.. etc..). You should also include your goals in life and the purpose of your blog in general.

2. One (1) post about your online work experience/s, if you do not have one yet, tell something about your online skills, sports activities, health regimens, hobbies, interests, etc..

3. Two to three (2-3) posts about your work. Ex. if you’re into photography, post interesting pictures and tell something about it.  If you like to sketch/draw, write poems, tell stories then you can share that in your posts.  If you like to bake, fix things, workout, you can post instructional guides, and so on. 

A “how to” guide is recommended if you can’t think of something to post. (How to create a Facebook account, how to edit email signature, how to go tagaygay, how to plan for birthday parties… etc… Each of us has our own set of  talents to share, I know you’ll surely find one or two that you can share in your blog. 🙂  


Keep your blog contents professional, avoid putting smileys, slang words, internet acronyms (xoxo, btw, irl, etc.) and other inappropriate words/comments.

Also, include a professional-looking photo of yourself in your profile. PLEASE AVOID “wacky” pictures like with you making the V sign, sticking out your tongue, or overly posed self-taken photo taken from different angles.