Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 10

Your Success Depends on You
Our final
lesson is about YOU and your new VA career.
The past
lessons that you have received are just tools to guide you and help you start
your VA career, and now, the rest is up to you.
Do you
really want to be a successful VA, earning $300 to $500 or even more every
month from the comforts of your home? Of course you do!  Is it possible? Yes, it is! And you have
learned that other Pinoys are actually doing it, so why can’t you?
You really
have no excuse not to succeed as all you need to know and need to learn are
just a few clicks away from you.  If you
were following the lessons and have done the assignments then you’re halfway
there.  The other half depends on your
patience, determination and willingness to succeed!


Continue to Learn
  1. Determine
    what specific service or set of services you are going to offer and be good at
    to learn
    and  strive to be the
    best in what you do.


If you want to offer web content services
then continue to  improve your writing skills.
OR if you want to be a Facebook Fan Page Administrator then learn all
there is you need to learn about Facebook, and so on.


Quit! Continue to Seek for Jobs
    2. Don’t quit! If you know and feel
that you have what it takes to be a VA then continue to bid for    jobs, continue
to seek local clients.  Others fail
because they give up so easily. 
have to keep in mind that finding VA job is no different from finding a regular
office job >> You need to have the right attitude and the right set of
skills to get hired.  It’s NOT just about
you getting a job, it’s also about you knowing and able to help your client’s
business to succeed.
Build a Good Reputation
3. Build a good reputation.  You’re a beginner in this type of job so don’t
be too proud to accept or bid for jobs with low pay.
  You have to start somewhere and accepting
projects/jobs even with low pay is always a good way to help you gain experience/s.
Always strive to give quality service no
matter what the pay.
  It will help you
build a good reputation that will give you repeat clients, and soon enough,
more and more new clients will hire you.
Okay, that’s
the end of our VA online lessons!  Feel free to check out our future blog posts on VA-related articles.
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Have a productive week ahead of you!
God Bless!