Virtual Assistant Training lesson 1

What is a Virtual Assistant / VA?
A Virtual Assistant is the online version of an office assistant or personal assistant. Basically, VAs are freelancers, they may work full time for a single company or employer OR they may work part-time for a couple or several business owners.
VAs are paid by the hour, per week, bi-monthly, monthly, or per project basis. If your employer is foreign or based abroad, you can get paid from US$2.00 per hour (or around PhP 96.00 – more than the PhP50+/hour minimum wage in the Philippines), up to US$10.00/hour (or more). On the other hand, if your employer is based here, you can get paid between PhP2,000 to PhP4,000 per month part-time.
Advantages and Disadvantages of being a VA.
  • Work  from home or anywhere there’s a PC/laptop with internet access.
  • No dress code.
  • Work the number of hours you prefer.
  • No rush hour traffit to go through.
  • No scrutinizing bosses around.
  • No gossiping office mates.
  • Free from office politics.
  • Opportunity to set-up you own VA business at home.
  • No insurance, no healthcare (HMO) benefits, no 13th month pay, etc.
  • No personnel department to take care of your tax and SSS payments (you have to do it yourself.)
  • You’re on your own (No readily available office mates or supervisors to ask for help or advice)
  • There’s always the risk of not getting paid (or late payments) for the services done.
What you need to get started.
PC/Laptop with a reliable internet access (pref. broadband, not dial-up)
Basic Skills:
Computer skills and English language proficiency (read, write, understand English)
Internet Skills:
Email (send, receive, compose emails, etc.)
Online research  (using google and other search engines)
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Linked-in)
Online Ads posting (Sulit, OLX, Craiglist, etc.)
Blogging, forum posting, basic website making, etc.
MUST KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, fast-learner, very patient, can give attention to details, organize, can multi-task, positive mindset
After reading the basics about what a Virtual Assistant is and the tasks/activities involved in being one, do you still consider to work as a VA? If you answered YES then very good!
Because we at OJP believe that all you REALLY need to earn online is the RIGHT ATTITUDE and WILLINGNESS to learn.
Please visit HERE and explore the different jobs and pay rates available online.  This will, more or less, give you an insight of what it’s like to be a VA.