Virtual Assistant Training lesson 1

What is a Virtual Assistant / VA? A Virtual Assistant is the online version of an office assistant or personal assistant. Basically, VAs are freelancers, they may work full time for a single company or employer OR they may work part-time for a couple or several business owners. VAs are paid by the hour, per … Read more

virtual assistant training lesson-2

  Your Home Office Set-Up: 1.   Yes you have to set-up your home office, the area in your house where you’ll be doing “home” work J.  The area should be the quietest place in your house, obviously to keep you concentrated while at work. 2.  You must have a reliable computer, one that works perfectly fine even … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 3

    SETTING-UP YOUR VA BLOG If you have no experience in online work before but you know that you have the basic skills to make it as a Virtual Assistant, then setting-up your own VA blog is a must. Your blog will be your online proof, reference, portfolio, resume, and profile – that your … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 4

  – Learning How to “oDesk” –  (oDesk Tutorial Series)  For those not yet familiar with,  it is a website where online workers and employers meet. It’s like a “job fair” center for online workers where you can find thousands of freelance job opportunities. At, online workers (VAs included) are referred to as “CONTRACTORS” … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 5

  – How to Get Your First Job –  (oDesk Tutorial Series)   For today’s lesson we will be reading a very helpful article on “How to Win Your First Odesk Job”, written by a successful Filipina Odesk freelancer named Stephanie Gonzaga:   You can read Stephanie’s article HERE and view her oDesk profile here. … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 6

  – Three Ways to Earn at –  (oDesk Tutorial Series)    As a contractor, there are three ways to earn: 1.  By offering your services as a contractor,   2.  By joining’s affiliate program (Click HERE to know more about the program),  and    3.  By becoming an agency manager – where … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 7

– FindingVA Jobs Outside of oDesk –    There are other ways and online/offline to find VA jobs.  You just have to keep your eyes open to opportunities and possibilities. Most Filipino business owners need online marketing help and most of the time – they have no idea on how it works, how to proceed with … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 8

VA Resources   Virtual Assistant resources are the websites, software applications, and other online tools and links that can help to make your work easier and at the same time help you improve your skills and your services.   Here they are…  (Note: Remember to download and/or create bookmarks for easy access.)   1. – A … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 9

Lesson 9 – Money, Legal & Other Matters     Our lesson for today is about money matters, legal concerns & other important VA work related off-line matters, and below you will find “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) about it: Money Matters   What are my options when accepting payment for my VA services?   Answer: … Read more

Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 10

Your Success Depends on You Our final lesson is about YOU and your new VA career. The past lessons that you have received are just tools to guide you and help you start your VA career, and now, the rest is up to you. Do you really want to be a successful VA, earning $300 … Read more